23 March 2016

20 days

I think spring is around the corner. I don't have to wear mittens when I go out and the light is eating its way into the winter darkness, vanquishing the long, cold months. It's uplifting and I am filled with joy and looking forward to even lighter days, to travels coming up and new beginnings. I think it will be a good spring.
I had a few days in early March where I was sick. I had no internet in the apartment that week and I don't have a television, so those days were a bit long. Luckily, my talented friend Amalie recently issued her second book, and as I had no distractions I was able to sink deep into her words. It is such a good book!
I know it's such a cliché this street, but I just can't get enough of how over-the-top-beautiful it is.
I had managed to clean the apartment one day and the light filled it wonderfully. Also, flowers. I have never been a plant person so it's come to my big surprise that I have started buying flowers - a lot. I love how they look and how they smell, and they make me happy in a very basic sort of way...
The other weekend, I went to Ordrupgaard with Kathrine. We went to see the exhibition about Danish painter Hammershøi. His photos are very quiet but subtly beautiful and his use of light is really impressive.
We wandered around the exhibition and had lunch and talked about how grown-up we suddenly seemed to be.
Finn Juhl's house is just around the corner and I still just want to move in.
After another flower purchase...
The morning light is making me giddy and almost euphoric.
On Saturday, I had brunch with my mom and seven of her oldest friends. I have known many of them my whole life and it was great catching up.
Yesterday after work, I took a spontaneous trip up Rundetårn. It was about to get dark but the view was as impressive as ever.
Despite missing Berlin sometimes, I really love living in Copenhagen.

03 March 2016

Offtime goodies

I had a long weekend. Saturday was spent mostly watching films in bed and reading. On Sunday, I was promised sunshine but the sky was eternally grey. I had lunch with Chris, met AnCa for a coffee and a walk around Christianshavn, and at night I plunged into the red seats of a cinema with Kristiane. We were going to watch the Oscar show live, something I've never done before. I thought I'd fall asleep but I managed to stay awake until 6am when 'Spotlight' won Best Picture. The whole cinema cheered when Leo won. Also when Alicia Vikander won - she's Swedish so that makes her almost Danish..... I was very tired on Monday but it was a fun experience.
I will never grow tired of looking at Christianshavn's beautiful old buildings.
Also, this is my favourite view in the city.
We came by this little building. Isn't it wonderful?
I was awoken by a sunbeam that penetrated my eyes on Monday. I met Kathrine for a luxurious Monday brunch and it was heaven with all the sunlight.

24 February 2016

The last two weeks

Seriously, time flies. I forget all about posting things here, and I applaud you guys that still check in every day. The last two weeks have been strange and good and both normal and out of the ordinary. My father's wife's mother died 16 days ago and I have been thinking a lot about that. About her and what she meant to me, what it meant that her story ended the way it did and how I feel about the people around me. I am not used to losing people, in fact I've been very lucky in that regard, so losing someone has meant a lot of thinking and feeling. But apart from that I'm enjoying life. The light, my work and doing something meaningful. It feels good.
One day a few weeks ago, I walked to work. It was one of those days in February where you feel convinced that spring is right around the corner, and I immersed myself in that illusion as I swallowed the sunlight.
Later that week, I went to a halloween party with my old party partner, AnCa. We must be getting old because despite numerous drinks we didn't really get drunk and we went home so early. We did have a kebab and took silly mirror selfies so some things never change, I guess. By the way, she was princess Leia and I was someone with flowers in her hair.
A Sunday, I met up with Jonas. We had coffee and took a walk around the lakes and talked about our feelings like we always do when we're together.
And then we went to Fune for the funeral. It was such a sad occasion but we managed to make it a really wonderful weekend. I loved seeing her house for the first time, and it felt as though she had just gone out to do groceries. Her spirit was there. Throughout the day, a hawk stood by the house on the field across the road. They never do that. So we were sure it was Helle watching over us, making sure everything was done right.
There was a wonderful little sofa in a hallway and Sølve sat there most of the afternoon.
The view was beautiful.
Back in Copenhagen, I watched 'The Danish Girl' where this street, Snaregade, made a quick appearance. The movie was very glossy, I think, but it was fun seeing Copenhagen on film. Except for when they had filmed Vejle in Norway. We don't have mountains in Denmark, mind you...
One day, the sunset was particularly beautiful from the office window.
On Friday, I had Tine over for breakfast before work. It was a great way to start off the day and we're doing it again this Friday.
On Sunday, I had morning coffee with Jonas before catching 'Brooklyn' in the cinema with Kristiane. I've seen 8 films in the cinema in 8 weeks this year...
This photo, I took today after having been out doing an interview. I absolutely love this facade, it looks like it belongs in another time.

06 February 2016


It's Saturday and the first one in a few weeks where I don't have a deadline hanging over my head. I had coffee with Kathrine and walked around Vesterbro. It's one of those days where there's rain in the air and the sky is grey and threatening. Yesterday, I had some bad news and it's putting a damper on everything. Life is strange sometimes.

04 February 2016


Yesterday it came back. The light. There's something magical about that first sign that winter is disappearing. The sky was beautiful and the sun didn't go down until around 17.30. I have missed the light. I always forget how much it matters, and I can't wait until summer's sunny nights!
When I lived in Nørrebro, I used to walk up Fiolstræde every day on my way to work. Now that I live in Vesterbro, I get to work from Rådhuspladsen. So when I went up Fiolstræde the other day, it felt so familiar.
I've been working like a maniac the last ten days. Last week, I did interviews all day and wrote an article each night. It was insane. Sunday morning, I made coffee and hung out in the sofa for an hour or two before starting work. The light made a beautiful way across the wall and I felt so at home in this apartment.
My street is so classic Copenhagen.
Yesterday, on my way to work, the light played across the coloured houses on Vesterbrogade. The sky didn't know whether to rain or shine, but luckily shine won.
That way, we got to enjoy the beautiful sundown over Inner City's rooftops from the office.

29 January 2016


It's 10.45 am and I'm sitting in my living room trying to wrap my head around work. It's been an extraordinarily hectic week. I've worked throughout all days and written almost an article a day. Nights have been spent writing, and my head is about to explode. I have more to come, though, but I'm counting the days until the end of next week when my schedule clears up a little more. I like being busy, it feels like my brain is running and it feels good, like I'm built for it. But it's been a little too much this week as I have barely had time for a break. Hope you get to relax this weekend, wherever you are.