14 September 2014


It rained most of this weekend, and I felt it was the first real autumn-weekend this year. The colours of buildings and trees came sprawling out as the drops fell, and it made for a beautiful scene for a walk. So Saturday, I walked around in the older part of Copenhagen, took photos of colours and cobbled stones and tried to avoid getting too rainy. Today was Christine's birthday, and we celebrated it in her old apartment in Vesterbro. I made eggs benedict, and we had champagne and had a blast, us 8 girls. Tomorrow, a new chapter will begin that I'm both anxious and excited to start. I will elaborate soon.
Friday night was spent first with my father and his wife. I made them sushi and they brought wine - lots of wine, naturally. When they retired north, I headed further downtown for cocktails with the girls at The Barking Dog until well into the night.
The trees in Kongens Have are still summery green, but it won't be long until they start dressing for autumn.
We walked down to Nyboder with the yellow soldiers' houses built by Christian IV. I'm rarely in that part of town which is a shame, because it is really beautiful.
Peek-a-boo Marble Church!
Nyboder's yellow houses are quite intriguing.
We also came by what must be Copenhagen's smallest house. At least the narrowest...
Copenhagen really is beautiful like that.

11 September 2014

That feeling

That nomad feeling has come to life again. I don't know what it is, and it's making me upset and annoyed. I am so happy right now, living in Copenhagen suits me, I'm so happy to be surrounded by friends I've missed so much in Berlin, and worklife is going good as well. So why does my restlessness start to stir again? Maybe it's just old habits, maybe it's some weird anormality in me that refuses to be satisfied. I don't know but I'm exploring the feeling and trying to see if it won't just go away again. I hope so, because life right now is pretty good.
The new issue of Copenhagen Food features my French eateries in Copenhagen-guide on page 96. I really love this edition's cover. Plus, there are some really good articles in there.
On Tuesday, we had our monthly food-get-together, and Kathrine, Anna, little Esther and I decided to walk to Amalie's house in Vesterbro from our hood, Nørrebro. What lovely company - and a potent antidote for my nomadness!
When we reached Vesterbro, the rain started pouring, but luckily Anna was prepared and had enough raincovers to go around. We had such a good evening at Amalie's with the rain drumming outside the windows and candles inside. I love being able to attend these monthly dinners and not just wishing me there from far away.

09 September 2014

Up the coast

On Friday, Tine and I went for an impromptu trip up the coast. It was glorious weather so we biked along the coastline until we reached the Arne Jacobsen-designed petrol station at Skovshoved. Inside that beautiful building there's a café and it made for a great coffee spot.
On our way north, we came by the beautiful Charlottenlund Søbad, a pool in the sea. I love those green wooden houses with the white windows.
Arne Jacobsen designed the petrol station in 1936. It must be the world's classiest petrol station.
The big house in the back is the American embassy. I think the ambassador must feel he has the best place to live.
I couldn't help taking this photo; the coastal road is over-run by fancy cars, for one, making it nearly impossible to not take such a photo, and then I think this shot represents the Whisky Belt pretty well. Expensive houses, expensive cars.

07 September 2014

September glimpses

It was a cold end of August and a warm beginning of September. I've been riding a high the last few weeks, roaming around the city, meeting great people for interviews and upcoming projects - will unveil soon - and it feels so utterly amazing. I don't think I've been this happy-in-the-moment since living in Berlin in 2011. Who knew it would be Copenhagen that'd make me feel like that?
The sun has been streaming in the windows in the kitchen where I have my home office. I love having the map in front of me when I work.
Last week's coffee with Flora Amalie and friends at Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne.
I love Copenhagen's harbour.
Some phone photos from my trip around town with Mette.
A Nørrebro facade at dusk.
Because of the heavy rain last weekend, the washing area in the basement was flooded and I had to take the laundry to a laundrette nearby. There's something equally spooky and old fashion about those places.
Thursday morning I had a meeting at Vesterbro.
I spent the afternoon in the scorching sun with Kathrine. We headed to Nordvest for a coffee. That area makes me think of a more rough Aarhus, or the suburbs, because the buildings are lower and tinier than in the rest of the city.
At night, we had beers on Elmegade and ended up dancing around the living room when we got back. Yes, there was air guitar and Beyonce involved. Best roomie ever.