16 December 2014

Go read

As you know, I'm the Copenhagen-editor of Best Wishes Magazine. Last week, we launched the second chapter of local creative people's stories about this little city of ours. The second installment features Mette who lives in one of the first high-rises in Copenhagen. From the 16th floor rooftop, you can see pretty much the whole city and in particular the area of Nordhavn that is undergoing a major change this year. The old industrial harbour is being converted to a modern urban area turning old silos into apartment buildings while at the same time building new architecture. So go read Mette's story here!
The first installment of Best Wishes from Copenhagen featured Luna Signe, author of 'Bag De Gule Gardiner' - her story is definitely also worth a read - find it here!

11 December 2014

In the botanical gardens

On Tuesday, I met up with Nana in the botanical gardens. Having recently returned from three months in New York, it was great catching up and not least hearing about her overseas adventures. New York has always been the ultimate dream for me, and it's been so exciting following her and Esben's stay there. The morning at the botanical gardens was chilly, and the sun had just gone back to its favourite place behind thick clouds, but the light inside those beautiful old glass houses was pretty great. And we took so many beautiful pictures, some of which I'm showing you here;
Nana doesn't like to have her picture taken, which is strange because she always looks so natural and nice.
I like that pond just lying there as if someone dropped a huge mirror on the ground.
Windows! I don't know which I prefer; the one in the roof, the one on the building with the arches or the ones on the building to the right. Probably the last ones, because they are soooo beautiful.
I think the combination of Nana's hair colour, the white shirt, the different nuances of green, and the light really made for perfection.
Nana also took some photos of me.
The photos are for a new round of Best Wishes from Copenhagen. They won't be up just yet, but today I'm launching a story about Mette, who I photographed a couple of weeks ago up on the roof. Head on over to read her words about Copenhagen!

03 December 2014

Nordic voices

There's something mesmerizing about nordic voices. I don't know why, but they seem clearer, more outer-worldly. These days, I'm listening to a Norwegian singer called Siri Nilsen. I don't think I've ever listened to Norwegian music before, but this somehow hits me. Maybe it's the cold weather and the feeling of fitting right into that nordic sound of cool, like if it's sung from inside an ice palace. She even sings in Norwegian.
Another Norwegian is Emilie Nicolas. Both Norwegians just sent out their albums and they're cool and beautiful. Just right for days in the grey cold.
When I was in Stockholm a few weeks ago, I went into the Monki store on Götgatan. They played this heavenly song by a voice you couldn't mistake for a Swede, and I talked about it with Iben. "Oh, she's one of my friends, she lives just around the corner," said the sales girl when she overheard us talking. So we found out that the singer is called Linn Öberg, and 'Parades' has been spinning in my head every since (sorry, there's only a live version here).

01 December 2014

A photoshoot above the city

It is so cold here these days. I think back and wonder how I survived -40 degrees in Montreal when, now, I feel as if I'm dying because it's 2 degrees out. On Saturday, I defied the cold and went to Østerbro to photograph Mette for the Best Wishes project for which I am the Copenhagen editor (read the first entry here about Signe!). Mette lives in one of Copenhagen's first high-rises, built in 1961, and the view from the 16th floor roof was amazing. Especially since we came up there just when the sun started to go down behind the buildings. Here's a little preview of what went down that afternoon.
On one side we had Nordhavn, the new area in Copenhagen that is being built right now. It's weird knowing it won't be finished until I'm well into my 40s... I wonder what the world - and my world - will look like by then.
I don't think I know anything more beautiful than buildings from above.
Mette and I know each other from back when I was working with the railway company DSB. That was in 2011.
She's a great instagrammer (find her here)
Sunlight colouring everything. Glorious.

26 November 2014

n o v e m b e r

The grey month has descended. Despite all the grey and rain, I like the colder months. I like disappearing in my brown bear-coat, having red cheeks and clear eyes. I miss the light, though. I am becoming a bad blogger and I apologize for that. So here's a little recap of the last month (follow me on Instagram if you need more frequent updates!)
I've spent almost all Sundays up north this month. There's just something so nice about having family dinner with lots of wine and laughter when it's cold outside. The first Sunday up there, my father suddenly yelled: "I'll be in the shed cutting up a deer!" A hunter, he didn't shoot it himself though, but it was a crazy sight seeing this little thing hanging from a rope in the garage...
I had my last day at the newspaper. That day, I had three stories in it; one of them on the section's front page. I celebrated with croissants. Now, I do lots of freelancing, and it's almost as good. I miss the people there, though.
The last day, one of my colleagues took me to lunch at Kompa'9 (Kompagnistræde 9, Indre By). It was so good, and such a nice thing to do on a last day.
That day, as I walked home from work, the November sun coloured the clouds pink and it was such a beautiful sight by the lakes.
The next day, NP and I had breakfast. Afterwards, we did some shopping in Inner City and also climbed up Rundetårn for a view over the city's red roofs.
We also ran into Sølve and his girlfriend, Fredericke.
Later, I headed to Jutland for a few days with my mom and her husband (AE came too!) before I continued even further north to see the grandparents. Always a pleasure, of course. In Herning with my mom, we visited the new library where the café Aroma has set up shop. Despite the silly name, they make very very good coffee, and the whole library, set in an old concrete building, is a big step up for the little town in the middle of nothing.
Last Friday, I had a wisdom tooth pulled out. Operation and all. It's been bothering me for years, and it was great to see it go, but man it takes you out having dental surgery. I still can't eat normally, and laughing is also a little difficult. I'm getting the stitches out Friday, and I can't wait!
Luckily, some good people have sent me magazines over the last week. First up was Delayed Gratification, a slow journalism mag based in London. It writes about stories taking place within the last three months, and instead of being fast with news, it takes pride in getting around the story. Last to breaking news, as their motto is. The other magazine, Brygg Magasin, is a Norwegian opus about coffee. Very beautiful and a good, nerdy read.
Views of Sunday spent in the north. I love that street in Snekkersten that ends in the sea.
Yesterday, I took a morning walk with Tine around our Nørrebro hood. It was sunny for the first time in ages, and it was crisp and beautiful. In that way, I love being a freelancer, when you can go out on a regular weekday in the morning. I barely got into my apartment getting back before the newspaper called with another assignment. I love things right now!

09 November 2014

Die Wende 25 years

Today, it's been 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell. I was barely 2 years old when it happened and I don't remember seeing the events on the news. But the event was very significant and it was often talked about in my family growing up. A history nerd, my father would tell me and my brothers how the world had looked when he had grown up, how there was a clear division between East and West. When I moved to Berlin in 2010, that concept of East and West, the horrors of the GDR, and the notion of what it must have been like living in a divided city became very real to me. I thought about it every single day as I travelled around the city, seeing its scars and trying to understand. The last few weeks, I've been working on a couple of stories about the GDR for the newspaper, and the more I read, watch and hear about this chapter in history, the more unbelievable it seems to me. So today I'm celebrating that the world became reunified that evening in November in Berlin. Hope you have a lovely Sunday out there!

30 October 2014

Stockholm, round two

I can't believe it's already been 10 days since I was in Stockholm - the older I get the faster the time goes, how depressing is that?! Sometimes I long for the time when a year seemed incomprehensibly long. Now, I can barely keep up. Oh well. Here are more Stockholm glimpses. What a great weekend it was;
Iben looked very tall against this Astrid Lindgren-type house.
Sunday brunch was had at quaint Greasy Spoon (Tjärhovsgatan 19, Södermalm)
That building!
Monday morning, Iben and I went to Fotografiska museum while Chris worked.
The view from the museum was breathtaking on such a grey day (and on any day, I imagine).
We did some shopping at Götgatan - I practically went crazy, which almost never happens, but now I have lots of Stockholm souvenirs...
So long Stockholm.